Smart Start Youth Employment Program
Smart Start is a life-changing program that helps girls, women and gender-expansive youth from 15 to 30 set and achieve education and employment goals and work towards financial self-sufficiency. Smart Start participants are paid a training allowance, earn wages, and receive dependent care, transportation and other supports to enable them to focus on their future.

BOLD FUTURES is a life-changing program that helps women and gender-expansive people living with a physical, mental and/or developmental disability increase economic participation and financial independence. The Girls Inc. staff team works directly with community employers to diversify workplaces and create inclusive and accessible work environments for employees with disabilities.

To find out more about both of these programs designed to increase the opportunities for financial independence, please click here for more detail and to apply.
Employers interested in hosting a Girls Inc. participant in their workplace can find out more by contacting:
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Girls Inc. Limestone serves girls, women, and gender-expansive people who feel our pro-girl and pro-woman environment is the best fit for them. Through comprehensive program opportunities and support services we inspire all participants to be strong, smart and bold!

Our service group includes the following community members:
Girls Ed Program
The Girls Ed program provides prevention and intervention based programs for school-aged girls and gender-expansive people throughout our service district. Girls Inc. programs are evidence-based and deliver experiences that help participants navigate gender, economic, and social barriers. Our programs are always free to ensure accessibility for all participants.

Learn more about our Girls Ed Program and the topics and support provided for community girls in our Agency Overview.To find out how you can host a Girls Ed group at your school or for a group of girls, please contact:

Justine Marchand, Chief Program Officer
(613) 561-4487
Jess Bryans, BOLD FUTURES Coordinator
(343) 261-1194
Makayla Howard, BOLD FUTURES Coordinator
(613) 929-4134
Other Services
Girls Inc. provides individual support to our service group members who need information, advice, follow-up support or community referral. We also provide COVID-19 financial recovery support for those who continue to experience trauma and economic crisis. For more information on these support options, please call our office at (613) 542-9202.
~ School aged girls and gender-expansive children and teens from age 6 to 18.

~ Women and gender-expansive youth from 15 to 30 (federal definition of youth.)

~ Parents, guardians and family members of Girls Inc. participants with no age limitations.

~ Women and gender-expansive people who are experiencing trauma with no age limitation. Often but not always program alumni.